"I have been a Montessori teacher for forty years. For five years I served as the administrator of a Montessori school in Atlanta, GA, and am past president of the Atlanta Montessori Teachers' Association.

"Flip Along Fun is one of the most marvelous learning tools I've ever seen! The book's interactive format wonderfully integrates cognitive learning with actions. This is in perfect agreement with Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy, which is to "not give more to the mind of the young child than to the hand.

"The whimsical stories and colorful illustrations ignite children's imaginations. They get so excited making up stories, reciting the rhymes, finding the right matches, counting the numbers, learning the colors, and identifying with the animals' actions. To the beginning reader, the book's rollicking vocabulary beckons. It offers opportunities for expanding vocabularies and improving reading skills.

"Flip Along Fun gets my highest recommendation!"

— Mary Frances Benning, AMI
Teacher and tutor

"I have worked with children as a clinical psychologist for more than forty years, and have lectured extensively about the powerful impact of play on children's psychological / emotional development. Creative play has an exhilarating, energizing, and restorative value that is essential for a child's well-being.

"Flip Along Fun is an extremely clever book that provides tremendous creative play opportunities for young children. Its colorful illustrations and whimsical rhymes, along with its ingenious educational design, will enhance a child's creativity. This unique book provides a marvelous opportunity for parent and child to share the fun of growing and learning together. For educational value and sheer delight, I highly recommend Flip Along Fun!"

— Stephen Schlein, PhD
Clinical Psychologist, Lexington, MA

"As a former early childhood educator, I think Flip Along Fun is wonderful book with many, many uses. I've given it as a gift to several children. It's great for teaching reading and math. The colorful illustrations invite children to create stories and enjoy hours of exploration and learning. Flip Along Fun creates lots of sharing time and learning time between parents and children. Its durable construction assures it will last. Children can never get to many quality books, and I definitely put Flip Along Fun in that category."

— Ann Hedman, Daytona Beach, FL

"The children in our preschool love Flip Along Fun. They chuckle when they find the right match and see what the animals are doing. It's very helpful for them to "visualize" what the various number combinations add up to. I've taught preschool for over 15 years, and Flip Along Fun is one of the most interactive, imaginative toys I've seen. We're going to use it even more in our school next year!"

— Donna Lewis, Teacher
Great Beginnings Preschool, Charlottesville, VA

"As a godfather of a beautiful 6 year old autistic girl, I can tell you I was surprised when my sister-in-law commented on how much Tristan enjoys learning and playing with her Flip Along Fun book. Usually she discards educational toys when she's mastered them. Not with Flip Along Fun. Tristan chooses it every day and enjoys working with her mommy or tutor to come up with different story themes while recognizing the adorable and colorful characters along the way. It's a wonderful tool for any child."

— Antal J. Voros, Elmer, NJ

"As a former teacher, mother of three, and now a grandmother, I know a good book for children when I see one, and Flip Along Fun is outstanding! Your little ones will love the colorful pictures and the sturdy board book pages; your preschoolers will love matching up the animals to make a little story; and your readers will find endless storylines to create as they also master their arithmetic skills. The rhyming stories are whimsical and fun, and combined with the terrific art, this book is a winner.

"Teachers and their students will find it a great addition to their classrooms as it will help stimulate a child's creativity and imagination. It also is great for interaction among siblings, not the least of which is helping provide entertainment on car trips. We find our three grandsons (ages 2, 8 and 12) have had good fun playing with it together. Cleverly conceived and beautifully produced, Flip Along Fun will make a great gift for a child and wonderful addition to his library."

— Sue Johnson, Author and Publisher, Lancaster, VA
Co-author of Grandloving, Making Memories with Your Grandchildren

"My kids absolutely love Flip Along Fun. There's a contest in the back seat of the car every morning to see who gets to play with it. They'd rather read it than watch videos!"

— Pam H., St. Simons Island, GA
Mother and third grade teacher

"Flip Along Fun's format is easy for little hands to use, and the crisp, colorful illustrations are very inviting. Some of the concepts included in this book are color words, rhyming words, opposites, sequencing, prediction, matching, number recognition, counting, addition and simple word problems. Children are also can create their own stories, illustrations and word problems encompassing the concepts that are developmentally appropriate for them.

"I highly recommend Flip Along Fun for both home and school use. I placed copies in the Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms at my own school, and our students have enjoyed them immensely!"

— Kathy Ely, Principal
Beacon Christian Academy, Beverly, Massachusetts

"Mike and Sarah — Hi! I just wanted to thank you for the book you recently autographed for our son, Henry's, birthday. Jenny and Stan Humphries are my in-laws and they sent the book along for Henry's second birthday. I was raving about the gift to Jenny, and she said, "Why don't you tell Mike and Sarah how much your family likes the book?" So, I'm doing just that!

"It is such a clever device. Henry loves to point out the different animals and try to name them (i.e., 'Quack' for duck, 'Meow' for cat), and the best thing about the book for 2-year-olds is that it is SO durable! He can chew on it, toss it across the room, drag it behind him on the floor as he goes off to bed, and nothing happens! It is virtually indestructible.

"And, my 5-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son love it perhaps even more than Henry. Shea (my daughter) is just learning how to read, and the book enthralls her. She is learning to read numbers and the names of animals. Plus, it really helps her with addition. She uses the "flip pages" to try to piece the correct story together and then she asks her older brother if she's right. The time Sam (my 8-year-old) and Shea spend reading and playing with the book together is one of the few times they're actually cooperating and not fighting!

"Not only do the 2-year-old and 5-year-old get a lot out of your book, but my 8-year-old, Sam, also finds it quite educative. He likes us to time him while he puts the stories together! Also, sometimes he'll order the "flip pages" in such a way as to make a nonsensical story, which cracks up his younger siblings.

"We love your book and we wish you the best of luck!"

— Katie Humphries,
Sammamish, WA


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