Press Release

Illustrated, Interactive Storybook Earns Acclaim
for Educational and Entertainment Value

Flip Along Fun integrates playing and learning, and therefore promotes developmental achievements in the context of a happy, fun experience. All these together enhance cognitive and emotional development. I have never seen a toy/book that so fuses action with mentation. It's a marvel!

— Susan M. Fisher, M.D.
Adult and Child Psychiatrist University of Chicago

Flip Along Fun is an interactive, colorfully illustrated children's storybook that stimulates the imagination, educates the mind, and provides hours of fun. This whimsical mix and match board book for children ages 2 to 6 has received enthusiastic praise from parents, grandparents, educators, psychologists, and pediatricians.

Children adore creating their own animal stories by selecting story panels. Twenty-seven humorously illustrated panels, each containing part of the storyline, are arranged inside the storybook in three sections of nine panels each. To begin the storytelling, the child randomly chooses one panel from each of the first two sections. The child then completes the story by finding the one panel from the third section that contains all of the animals pictured in the first two.

For example, to learn what happened when "3 pink pigs dancing jolly jigs" (panel 1) "saw 2 yellow cats in very funny hats" (panel 2), the child looks for the one matching panel (panel 3) that contains 3 pigs and 2 cats. And there's the answer: "They all 5 had a laugh while they sat in the bath"! When the animal illustrations match up, the numbers add up!

Flip Along Fun is a valuable educational tool that parents and teachers can use to:

  • Teach matching and counting.
  • Introduce rhymes.
  • Identify colors and animals.
  • Demonstrate sentence structure.
  • Stimulate creativity.
  • Promote logical thinking.

Parents, grandparents, and caregivers praise FLIP ALONG FUN because it presents a variety of storyline possibilities that keep children entertained and learning for hours. The book's sturdy, laminated construction ensures years of enjoyment.

Flip Along Fun appeals to daycare, preschool, kindergarten, and special education teachers because it develops creativity, while conveying important educational concepts in a fun context. Its large size (9" X 12") makes it ideal for group settings, one-on-one interactions, or independent play.

Flip Along Fun is a stand-out educational storybook that will entertain children throughout their important early developmental years. Perfect for home, school, and while traveling, this book amuses and delights, while helping to develop important skills.